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Experiencing some technical difficulties?


Make sure that you have a clear view of the southern sky. Most antennas look for the Western Arc satellites which are located above the equator south of Arizona, California, and farther west over the Pacific Ocean. Obstructions such as trees, other campers, even mountains can cause signal loss issues. If you have a portable antenna, try moving it to different areas to see if you are able to pick up signal. If you have checked all of your antenna settings and still need help, contact your antenna manufacturer or our Dish Outdoors Technical Support Team:

  • Dish Outdoors: 800-472-1039
  • King Controls: 800-982-9920
  • Winegard: 800-788-4417
  • KVH: 401-847-3327
  • RF Mogul: 801-895-3308



If you already have DISH Outdoors service, your equipment and programming will need to be re-authorized if they haven't been used in two or more weeks. An indication is if you only are receiving Dish promotional and PPV channels. To re-activate do the following:

  1. Set up your DISH Outdoors system and ensure you are receiving a satellite signal.
  2. Sign on to you My Dish account and select the “Dish Outdoors” option.
  3. Find the “REAUTHORIZE NOW” button
  4. Click the button to have the signal sent.
  5. Please allow 5 min for service to return.


Need to know if your automatic antenna or mobile antenna is compatible with the Pay-As-You-Go program from DISH?

DISH programming works with most DISH-compatible antennas offered by various manufacturers such as Winegard, King Controls, and KVH. In most cases, DISH compatible automatic antennas or mobile antennas built within the last 3-4 years have a high likelihood of working right now on DISH. 

Older satellite antennas on the used market OR the satellite antenna equipped on your RV from the factory may have documentation indicating the antenna works on DISH. However, it is suggested to call the manufacturer of your satellite antenna to verify current DISH compatibility. In some cases, your existing satellite antenna may require updates or revised hardware to function reliably on DISH.



Recently Dish has moved core programming channels from Satellite 72 to Satellite 61.5. For most subscribers this will go unnoticed. If you use a Pathway X2 antenna in “2 receiver mode” you are probably experiencing loss of channels. The good news is this can be quickly remedied by setting the X2 into 1 receiver mode. This will allow the antenna to access all satellites and channels. This will however limit the second receiver to the satellite that the main receiver has selected, but you have the option to reset the second receiver for each satellite.


Here is a quick list of some of the DISH compatible antennas that we offer: 

View the complete list of compatible satellite antennas

Don’t see your antenna listed here? Contact our Sales or Technical Support Team to make sure it works with DISH. 1-800-472-1039 and follow the prompts.

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