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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it true there is no commitment and that there are no activation, disconnection, or restart fees?

Yes. There is no commitment required, activation, disconnect or restart fees. When you are no longer using your service you can simply stop paying your monthly bill. However, if you are a current DISH subscriber and have a receiver added to your account, please call DISH to have the receiver removed from your account to avoid unnecessary billing. Also, if you are enrolled in eAutopay with your Pay-as-you-go account, please go online or call DISH to have automatic billing removed while you are not using the equipment.

What is the monthly cost of the service?

We have programming options to suit any budget, you can check them out here.

When is my first payment due?

Payment for the first month programming is due at the time of activation.

I’m only going to be on vacation for two weeks, can I pay for a partial month of service?

No. All Pay-As-You packages are billed in advance on a month-to-month basis in 30 day increments.

Where does DISH service work?

You can receive full HD DISH programming throughout all lower 48 states.


DISH at Home

I already have DISH at home, how can I get it for my RV?

Thank you for being a DISH customer! First purchase a DISH mobile receiver and compatible antenna, then you can add your new receiver directly to your existing account. Click here to see our bundle packages.

I already have a mobile receiver, how do I activate Pay-As-You-Go service?

If you already have a mobile receiver, you can add Pay-As-You-Go service to your account for $5 a month by contacting DISH to add this service by calling 1-800-333-DISH (1-800-333-3474).



What satellite antennas do DISH receivers work with?

DISH mobile receivers work with all DISH-compatible mobile antennas including:

King Controls

Click here to see a list of current antennas.

Do standard DISH satellite antennas also work?

Yes. To get HD programming, you will need to use the DISH 1000 antenna. The DISH 500 is not compatible for HD programming currently.

What exactly is a DISH mobile receiver?

DISH mobile receiver models are listed below, these receivers are required in order to operate a mobile satellite.

ViP 211z
ViP 211k
ViP 211
ViP 411

I have an older receiver and want to upgrade to the new Wally, is the Wally still compatible with my antenna?

Yes, the Wally is our newest and best mobile receiver and it will work with any antenna you used your old receiver with, including the Tailgater, Playmaker, Roadtrip, and Pathway satellites.

Is installation included?

No. Please ask your local dealer for information about installation and equipment costs. Click here for to find your nearest DISH authorized mobile dealer.

How many TV’s can I watch programming on with my antenna?

It depends on the antenna, most portable antennas will support either 1 or 2 independently viewed TV’s. For more information, check out this informational video.

Can I record TV with my DISH mobile receiver?

Yes, when you purchase the DVR Upgrade Expansion, you can upgrade the Wally or 211z by plugging it into one of the USB ports on back, once you plug it in, just follow the simple instructions on the screen to activate.

Can I watch DISH programming while my vehicle is in motion?

Yes. With the purchase of an automatic tracking in-motion antenna, you can watch full HD programming even while your vehicle is in motion. DISH is the only affordable option for in-motion HD. If you don’t have an in-motion antenna, you can still watch programming that you have previously recorded on your Wally or 211z with DVR upgrade.

Can I watch Netflix with DISH too?

You can watch Netlfix with the new Wally receiver, but you need to have the WiFi Adapter and a wireless internet connection, as well as a Netflix subscription.


Technical Questions

How long of a coaxial cable can I use?

As a general rule, you do not want to exceed 50 feet of coaxial cable (including RV wiring) between the receiver and antenna, since power is being transferred as well. Any longer than 50 feet may result in a loss of signal quality, and in some cases complete signal loss.

Can I go through my RV wiring?

RV wiring varies from one to the next, so we cannot guarantee it will work by going through your RV wiring although many do. If you try to connect through RV wiring and do not receive a strong enough signal, try using a shorter coax cable between the antenna and RV. If all else fails, try a direct connection.

Does the antenna automatically toggle between the satellites as I change channels?

Yes, the antenna will automatically toggle between the satellites with no manual adjustments needed.

How do local channels work?

Local channels are spot beamed to specific areas though your satellite based on your zip code, you can also use an over-the-air antenna. Check out this quick informational video for more details.

Can I watch different programs on 2 different TV’s?

Yes, you can watch separate programs on each connected receiver as long as those channels are on the same satellite.

The TV’s in my RV don’t have HDMI or RCA inputs, they only have a coax input, can I still get DISH in my RV?

Yes, all you would need is to purchase an RF Modulator in addition to your antenna/receiver bundle.

I have a Pathway X2, should I choose western or eastern arc during setup?

Generally the western arc will be available throughout most of the country, but if you are on the east coast or in the NE part of the country, eastern arc may be a better option. Most users will be able to access either arc.

What kind of mounting options do i have for a truck?

For customers with the KING or DISH Tailgater or the Winegard X1 or G2, there are two options for mounting. One is a cab mount, which would permanently mount to the back of the cab, the other is a window mount, which hangs on the window and is a more flexible option for those who can't make modifications to their truck or want that added option of taking it elsewhere. These mounts can be found here.


Gift Cards

How Do I redeem my gift card?

To redeem your gift card go to https://satellitetvrebates.com and fill out the mail-in rebate form to claim your gift card.

Additional Information

For additional information, we encourage you to check out our DISH For My RV Training Series videos.

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